About us

Belgium faces the challenges of today by embracing openness.

We live in disruptive times. While we have overcome a global pandemic, climate change is forcing us to adopt a more sustainable way of living. And as peace and freedom are under pressure in different places on earth, we are more than ever committed to safeguarding fundamental human values and building on the democratic ideals. And to do all that, Belgium remains steadfast in its commitment to openness.

It is clear that today’s challenges cannot be overcome alone. Luckily, Belgium has a long tradition of joining forces to find solutions. Of championing innovation. And of never letting personal differences get in the way of a fruitful relationship with others. And that open attitude is the way in which Belgium wants to get ahead in these challenging times.

Open for innovation

Belgium has always been fertile ground for innovation. And we continue to welcome talented and curious innovators from all over the world. Because we believe science, technology and creativity are the main drivers of human progress. And by enabling people from all over the world to work on exciting new projects and exchange ideas, we set the stage for new developments to emerge that benefit everyone.

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Open for partnerships

In a highly complicated world, we believe in bringing more people at the table. In working together on solutions that serve the common good. As a founding member of the European Union, NATO and the United Nations, Belgium is a bridge builder by nature. We understand that cooperation between people, communities and nations are crucial to achieving progress for all. And if we put our minds and skills together, we can do more. A lot more.


Open for diversity

If we want to move ahead together, accepting the ways in which we are different is important. That is why we value an open, tolerant, and diverse society. We remain committed to the fundamental human values of freedom, equality, and solidarity. They are not just ideals, but basic principles that are present in different aspect of our society. They inspire the way we interact with the world around us.

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