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‘A lot of doors opened for me in Belgium’

Esma Öztürk

Since Esma left high school, she has dreamt of working in offshore wind energy. Today that dream has become a reality for her in Belgium.

Name: Esma Öztürk
Nationality: Turkish-German
Occupation: Site Super Intendent
Field: Offshore construction for wind industry

‘After graduation I was quite open to move to any country, and I got the chance to work offshore in Belgium. I work in a very multicultural environment, which is very enriching. On a social level of course, but also on a professional level. Everyone brings their knowledge and skills to the table. It’s good to have that diversity.’ 

‘I’m getting a lot of opportunities here. As a young starter I got the chance to start working in the country that is a leader in the field of offshore wind energy. A lot of doors opened for me here. I wanted to go offshore, and I got the opportunity to do so in a very supportive context.’

‘Belgian offshore construction companies have a very entrepreneurial mindset. Which helps explain why Belgium is a global pioneer in this industry. And Belgium supports technological development, especially in the renewable energy sector. The wind turbines always get bigger, heavier … And the technologies have to keep up. And so, we have some high-end expertise in technology development. And that too is typically Belgian in my opinion.’