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The Henry van de Velde Awards honour thoughtful design

Henry van de Velde Awards

Belgium's most prestigious design awards are named after designer and architect Henry van de Velde, an icon of Belgian 20th-century design.

These accolades are bestowed upon creations that, through thoughtful design, have a positive and remarkable impact on our economy, environment, and society.  In this 30th edition the chosen winners exemplify the ongoing pursuit of innovation in the world of design. The Henry van de Velde Awards are presented by the Flemish design and fashion centre Flanders DC. The jury evaluated hundreds of submissions narrowing it down to a selection of winners in different categories that together serve as a showcase of innovative and inspiring design from our country.

Business Innovation


Design agency: Verhaert
Client: Hippo Dx

S.P.A.T. (Skin Prick Automated Test) is a medical device that performs skin prick tests on allergy patients in a faster and more cost-effective way. The touchscreen, compact housing and intuitive control of the device make it very user-friendly and efficient for both the doctor and the patient. Automating skin prick tests ensures more consistent, accurate and digital test results and also reduces the time it takes for medical staff to administer.

'The manual skin prick allergy test has not evolved since the 1960s. There was a strong need for automation, standardization, and digitization.'

Skin Prick Automated Test


Axiles Bionics Lunaris

Design agency: Achilles Design
Client: Axiles Bionics

Axiles Bionics Lunaris is an innovative and mechanical solution that mimics precisely the movements of the ankle and foot. This brings comfort and dynamics back into the lives of people with a prosthesis. Even uneven terrain and stairs are no longer obstacles. Inclusivity is also part of the specifications. By moving away from a traditional clinical and orthopaedic appearance, Lunaris aims to make a more human and emotional connection with its users.

'The synergy between engineering and design has been highlighted as a key driver from the very beginning.'

Axiles Bionics

Digital Product

Alcatraz - music experience in VR

Design agency: A Mad Production
Client: Alcatraz

At the Alcatraz Metal Festival, the audience experience in the mosh pit is brought to wheelchair users by means of VR glasses. A cameraman with a 360-degree camera shoots a series of images among the audience in the front stage area, which are then edited immediately. So-called ‘prison guards’ provide the wheelchair users with VR glasses, allowing them to take their place in the crowd for a while, virtually. The experience is incredibly intense, because it's impossible for them to mingle with the audience.

'We employ exclusive technology for a highly inclusive narrative, elevating the experience and engagement of our wheelchair patients to a higher level.'

music experience in VR


Custom typefaces

Designer: Erik Desombere

Erik Desombere developed three fonts, in which mathematics and systematics play an important role. He designed a typographic logo for Greenconcepts within a grid of two squares wide and four high. This led to the development of a font with different height variants, with the letters being able to be used interchangeably. The second font grew out of the design for the new logo for Sint Lucas Antwerp, with the building’s facing brick joint as a formal starting point. Referencing a hand-drawn 1987 logo design for Industrimmo, he created a third font with a solid grid of five by seven squares, criss-crossed with every possible diagonal.

'What captivates me the most is the design process: the construction, refinement and improvement. The exploration of new typographic possibilities never ceases to surprise.'

Custom typefaces



Designer: Michaël Kruijne
Client: Drisag

Poly is a low lounge chair with a wide armrest that facilitates the use of a laptop or tablet. The concept works with different facets positioned at an angle to each other, approximating an ergonomic bucket seat. The chair is designed from a circular perspective and has an efficient production process. Drisag produces locally and sells directly from the manufacturer to the customer, which ensures a short chain and accessible aftercare, such as for repair and reuse.

'This project aims to illustrate how a circular mindset can lead to valuable furniture pieces, where multifunctionality results in maximizing utility.'

Poly lounge chair

This is just a selection of some of the winners. You can find the other award-winning projects at henryvandevelde.be