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'Belgium is a microcosm of everything you could want'

Anthony Jasper

Jasper came to Belgium after his Master’s in Humanitarian Rights. Now the country has become a new home, where he loves to work and live.

Name: Anthony Jasper
Nationality: American
Occupation: US Program Officer for an educational exchange program

‘During my education we talked about Brussels all the time, about the institutions that are based here. If you talk about the EU, you have to talk about Brussels. I quickly realized that Belgium really was the place where I wanted to work and so I set my sight on that.’

‘Brussels is a city with a lot of moving parts and an international mindset. I love the fact that Belgium is multilingual. My favourite part about working and living in Belgium is exploring the different cultures that are coming together, and the fact that people here are so willing to talk about it. Belgians like to have open debates about living together with different communities. I love that.’

‘Belgium is a melting pot of people from different cultures and backgrounds trying to work together for a common goal. And that reflects in the way people treat you. I am a non-binary, queer person and I’ve felt welcome from day one.’