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‘In the Belgian chemistry sector people give new ideas a chance’

Kazuhiko Yokota

After working on every continent, Kazuhiko came to Belgium out of passion for innovative chemistry. Three years later, he is still convinced he is in exactly the right place.

Name: Kazuhiko Yokota
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: R&I director
Field: Innovative chemistry

‘I really like the Belgian way of working. There is a willingness to understand each other’s point of view. To harmonize different views. And that is crucial for innovation. To believe in the potential of ideas before they are proven possible. In Belgium there is a natural reflex to give new ideas a chance.’

‘The people working here are very passionate for the research. They are very persistent. That brings the atmosphere needed for innovation. You can easily collaborate. You are not alone. That is typical of Belgium for me.’ 

‘I see a clear ecosystem in which innovative ideas can thrive. 

With bridges connecting the private sector to universities and governments.  The Belgian government recognizes the need to be competitive. There are a lot of grants, and an openness to discuss ideas I have not seen anywhere else. With the universities we exchange a lot of knowledge. That context is a natural engine for innovation.’

Kazuhiko Yokota