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‘Belgium was the place where I could take my research in regenerative medicine to the next level’

Johanna Bolander

Name: Johanna Bolander
Nationality: Swedish
Occupation: Researcher
Field: Regenerative cell therapy

Johanna started her Belgian adventure as a student. Now she is part of a research community developing new regenerative cell therapies. 

‘I came to study in Belgium and loved it form the first moment. I did research for my Master thesis in the KU Leuven lab in Gasthuisberg in Leuven. I had an amazing time there. I liked the way we really worked together. We shared our experience, struggles but also our success. There was a strong sense of community among the researchers.’ 

‘After I did research in the US for four years, I came back to Belgium because of the advanced technology that is available here. I wanted to know more about the underlying mechanisms of cell failure. And to do that, you need very specific technology. Belgium is the place to where I can do that kind of research.'

‘For me Belgium’s biggest asset is its room for innovation. The room to be creative'

‘If you’re passionate and you want to do something, there is a place in Belgium where you can do it. You can always find your way. It’s not a box in which you have to do things a certain way. People are open for new ideas. When people here hear a new idea, they are very willing to see how they can make it happen.’